Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – The reason to own PSP

You know what I hate? Original Final Fantasy games! Its boring battles, grinding and random encounters drive me nuts. You know what I love? Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII! Everything I hated about the series is turned upside down in this spin-off prequel to the most popular seventh installment.


Let’s create video game’s music playlist – part 3

  This time three from a single game. Because the game is awesome… its music is awesome! Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will take me a long time before I can write my thoughts about it, however, one thing is certain. The music is outstanding! The whole game is! Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII –…


When you ask about core games for the PSP many people will say Patapon as one of them. Honestly, I got this game with my PSP and I didn’t check what it is, so I got all my knowledge about the game from the manual. It looked bizarre for me. A strategy rhythm game? What…