Until Dawn – From a simple consequence to the butterfly effect.

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive I enjoyed much more than I expected. Something new on the border between adventure game and interactive movie.


Titanfall 2 – It’s raining titans!

Titanfall 2 is a game released in a shadow of Call of Duty and Battlefield. It basically killed the sales and the game could be quickly found at a discount. Power of a title did its job and Titanfall 2 without much recognition had no chance. Too bad, because I think it deserves much, much…

Doom Doom Dooooooooooom!

Sometimes you need a game. A game, where you just sit and play it. Play it just for relax, without any unnecessary bullshit. A game, where you have tons of fun going through all the obstacles. Doom is a perfect game for such a need. You just go, shoot demons, beat them with your fist……