Hi! I’m Skyline… that’s my main nickname.

“Skloni” is the result of multiple mutations of that nick, I added a cheesy add-on “Playeroni” and that’s how “Skloni Playeroni” has been created!

I decided to run a blog focusing on games to make my personal review on every game I’ve played and in most cases also collected. I can keep track of my increasing collection in terms of what I’ve played, because a passionate video game collector should know every game on the shelf. No point in owning more than you can ever play.


I will elaborate on why do I collect games and why more people should as well one day.

What the fuck are those “Plushies” about up here?

Ah, yes… my odd hobby I started in 2016. I thought myself “Geez, I should find some kind of a new hobby”. It took me 3 months to find the one that really got into me.
I’ve found a really cute pink-white animated creature on the internet. For some reason I was struck with the least manly thing I could possibly think of. “What the hell is this” I asked. I quickly found that it was a Pokemon from a new generation called Sylveon. Again, for unknown reason I thought that it would make for a great plushie. I got that thought having no plushies in mind for years ! And yes it looked freaking adorable.
Then I said “why shouldn’t I make my own plushies?” and it started…

Since then I find making plushies really satisfying for me and I like the results I’m achieving. Occasionally, a plush post may appear and it will land in the gallery you can find in a link above.

That’s my two big passions. There’s also a craft beer but it is less active hobby. ^^

PS. English is not my native language, so this blog helps me a lot with keeping it on a decent level (if there is any).