Let’s create video game’s music playlist! Part 2

These posts are easy to make and since I have tons of music I can share with you, I am bringing you another three tracks you can add to your playlist

  1. Sonic Adventure 2 – Keys the ruin (Sonic’s Piramide cave stage)
    Sonic games are full of great music with rocky sounds. I say rocky, because other styles aren’t so good or so bad they are good (Can you feel the sunshine?). Keys the ruin is a great example. The track fits the stage’s gameplay and color of the piramid creating a full experience as well as it fits Sonic himself. In Sonic Adventure 2 you can hear the match between the music and the character it plays for. Music style is distinguished for everybody there.

  2. Undertale – Another Medium (Hotlands)
    I didn’t expect myself to like this one. It is one of those themes, that perfectly combines modern electronic sounds with good old chip tunes. I can’t say it matches the moment in the game somehow, but it is catchy and definitely does more than just being a background music.

  3. Raiden II – All or nothing (stage 3)
    Hard to make my list without tons of shmup music. There is a lot of great music in this genre. All or nothing is a good chip tune that pleasantly plays during the stage. Raiden series has a lot of great melodies and half of them were remade for newer games. I love to listen to those remade versions after originals. As long as it didn’t lose its original soul, of course. I should make comparisons…


Another three great examples of video game’s music working perfectly outside the game. Stay tuned for more…


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