Let’s create video game’s music playlist! Part 1

Ok, I fucked up completely. My PSP is left at my flat, I didn’t make photos of games, I am away for a week and I got new keyboard just now, so I can write something… but I didn’t make photos, so I can’t post a review… So I came up with a lackluster filler! Let’s make a music playlist with games OST! Mine is still growing with each game I play.

The best music in games is when it don’t only enhances emotions during a play but also creates a theme on its own. It shouldn’t serve only as a background but also as a great music outside the game. It sounds confusing, since it is hard to explain, but you’ll get the point!

1. Silent Hill: Origins – O.R.T. (Intro)

I couldn’t get a better welcome to the game. Once this music started I simply refused to run just to sink into the music and game’s atmosphere. Great song to get you into Silent Hill’s mood. Mysterious, slightly unsettling and unique for the Origins part of the series.

2. Devil May Cry 4 – Lock and Load (Dante’s battle theme)

After playing as Nero and his amazing battle theme I had high expectations for Dante’s music. Well… This theme delivers… something… It is different!
It works very well as a song alone or maybe even better than in game. Theme’s pace isn’t as well suited to the game’s action as Nero’s battle theme does. With much more electronic and slower tempo I got negative first impression when playing Dante. I got to like it more once I listened to it several times outside the game. Later, I discovered it plays well with Dante’s taunts and Lucifer!

3. Battle Garrega – Stab and Stomp (Aerial boss theme)

Whole Battle Garegga OST gave me mixed feelings at first except this one. I liked this one immediately. I love chiptunes of old consoles and arcade boards. This arcade title has actually amazing soundtrack and after giving the game a second chance (I hated it at first) I found the soundtrack (and the game) pleasing. Stab and Stomp does a great job with accompanying bosses in the game.


The music was semi-randomized from my playlist. I will give two”CD quality” tracks and one chiptune track in every part. I wonder how long will I keep this series going…


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