Burnout 3: Takedown – Crashes! Everybody loves crashes!


Disc’s design made me wonder whether the disc is dirty and scratched or its just an image.

Burnout series is well known for console players and a little less for PC players, with the last and the only entry for PCs, Burnout Paradise. All previous Burnouts are console exclusive. Burnout 3: Takedown is one of the fastest racing games you can play. I think Burnout Revenge is a little bit faster and crazier because of more frequent jumps.

In Burnout 3 you participate in world events in various races. Aside from standard races, eliminators and time trials (called burning lap here) you can also play a road rage mode. The road rage mode is all about taking down as many enemy cars as you can during a time period and it is the main attraction of the Burnout. This is my favorite mode because it lets me fulfill my need for speed and destruction. If you are bored with driving a car normally you can start a crash mode. In this mode you have to crash your car into civil cars in order to cause as much damage as possible. If you do enough damage you can make your car explode and steer your wreck where it would cause more damage. On a single track car’s layout is always the same, making this mode a specific kind of puzzle for the game. For some reason, there are way to many events for this mode. Some says crash mode is the signature mode of Burnout series, however, I do not find it that appealing in a long run. After five tracks I just want to go back to a fast paced carnage. ROAD RAGE!

Driving mechanic is fairly easy to learn, but NOT crashing is a different story. Sense of speed is incredible in Burnout 3. You have to know two things. First, always press nitro. Second, breaks are only for initiating a drift. That’s the core of the game. Bump into other cars, takedown them and let your nitrous flow through the pipes! As you progress through the game you will unlock faster and faster cars. Once you reach the final class you better don’t blink on the corners. Crashes are satisfying even when you crash yourself. If you do so, you can enter the impact mode, where you can steer your wreck into other cars in slow motion to score an aftertouch takedown. They made sure you can make destruction even when you destroy yourself.

Music is a mix of rock music played by popular music bands like My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World or Yellowcard. For an aggresive game you need an aggresive fast music and composition for this game is close to perfection. I can’t imagine the Burnout series without metal and hard rock music.

Graphics are great and the game is running at stable 60fps. Car damage are very well made, even though physics are far from realistic, but who cares? Crashes were fun throughout every generation of consoles no matter what the graphics were. I think Burnout holds up as a good looking game to this day. Sparkles flying into your camera is a great graphical feature, which is fun to look at to this day.

Burnout 3 has got a split screen mode, where you can play race and road rage for two players simultaneously or play hot seat with crash mode, where up to 8 players can participate for the most damage done. You can even play in pairs, so you can crash in two places for more damage in the same track.
Playing the split screen game has only one downside, which is ignorable. Frame rate drops to a stable 30fps but what did you expect? The same performance? It would be hard for the PS2, with those graphics and action. I guarantee, that Road rage for two players is one of the best modes you can play in any racing game. You compete against your friend for the most cars taken down. You have usual AI bots to take down but you gain a special highlight if you take down the second player. Even though you can’t change the limit of 10 takedowns per race it is still a lot of fun.

Do you have a PS2 or an Xbox? Yes? I hope you have this game because if not then what the hell are you waiting for?! Get yourself either Burnout 3: Takedown or Burnout: Revenge! It is dirt cheap! It is one of the top racing games you can play in my opinion. It is a must have for a console for sure. Too bad this generation haven’t got a Burnout game… yet. I have no idea why.


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